Some of the commercial services we offer include:


  Quantity Surveying and Commercial Management


In our experience the role required of a “quantity surveyor” is diverse.  Different procurement routes, different projects and the different stages of projects all have different requirements for the experience and skills of the “quantity surveyor”.

Our commercial team have the experience and responsibility for the financial, commercial and contract administration of construction projects.  These projects range from relatively small contracts through to projects with values of tens of millions of pounds.

Whatever your project it will be managed overall by Gerry Pounder, thereafter the individual members of our staff have a broad base of experience, each with specific skills and experience.   This appropriately skilled and experienced resource will be allocated based on the different demands of individual clients, teams and projects.

Our Quantity Surveying and Commercial Management services can include:

advice on procurement routes, forms of contract and warranties; selection and preparation of contract documents including employer’s requirements and contractors proposals; advice on designer & consultant selection and forms of agreement; measurement and re-measurement services including the production of bills of quantities; tendering and procurement duties; contractor competence assessment; main and sub-contractor site “quantity surveying” or commercial services including preparation of interim applications for payment and final account services and contract administration; commercial management and advice on projects; for claims (as claimant or defendant) refer to the section below.

Whatever your business or project commercial requirements: be it supplementing your existing resource or supporting your business needs; we welcome the opportunity to discuss your requirements and the role that you have identified.


  Construction Dispute Services



Disputes come in various guises although all generally have at their root money.  You may be the claimant, or you may be the defendant.  The dispute may involve more than one party and may involve a complex web of interaction and iterations of events and decisions.

Our advice, if possible, is to avoid disputes.  They absorb resources, time and money, potentially lots of all three.  It is better to sort a problem before it is a dispute.

If a dispute has developed it is usually the product of a failure in a system or process.  Dealing with the issues raised by a dispute, including the administration brought about by any process often requires skills, experience and focus.

If you have experience of dealing with construction disputes and claims, and the management of the dispute process then you will already know that this is a distraction from the normal operation of your business.  Using an external resource on the issue allows you to focus on running your business.

Disputes may as a cause include:

The drafting of contract conditions, the interpretation of the responsibilities of the parties, the liability for risk, claims for Compensation Events, defects in design, incorrect performance specification, poor workmanship, defective materials, late provision of information, the effects and impact of weather, interpretation of a specification, the valuation of the works including measurement, interpretation of contract conditions, the ascertainment of loss and expense, certification, administration of a contract including the rights and remedies or notices to be issued, the interface between packages, project delays, employer related matters or works, the responsibility for risk, etc.  This list is far from exhaustive and reflects some of our experience in this area of work.

We are experienced handling large volumes of information in hard copy or electronic formats, identifying the salient issues and then providing an analysis of the responsibilities.

We have experience in adjudication, arbitration, litigation and mediation.  We have defended and advanced claims from simple disputes of tens of thousands of pounds to complex disputes involving multi-million claims.

We have experience in adjudication, arbitration, litigation and mediation.  We have for our clients both defended and advanced claims with values from simple disputes of tens of thousands of pounds to multi-million pounds complex disputes.

Our services can support or assist your own knowledgeable and experienced resources; we can work with your legal advisors on matters or we can introduce you to one of our select legal partners.

The range of services can be discussed and tailored to suit your specific requirements, contact us to discuss your issues and we can discuss how we may be able to assist you on a particular matter.


  Development Appraisals and Cost Planning



Within our team we are able to offer development appraisal advice.  This is complemented by our construction and commercial experience to give realistic development appraisals, cost projections and advice.

We can work from concept drawings or detailed designs providing forecast costs information drawing from experience, information providers or from market testing and pricing.  The level of detail available and the investment in the preparation in the cost planning stages provides for greater accuracy in forecasting the anticipated project costs.  The cost plans we produce can be construction cost, project costs including design costs, or development plans including acquisition and fees.

We also look to assist on partially developed schemes which have run into difficulties with funding or construction.  We can look at a range of options with you to release tied in capital or profit.


  Experts in Quantity Surveying matters



On commission by a solicitor we can produce single or joint expert’s report in the field of quantity surveying.

The ability to provide a report will be subject a review of the matter of the dispute and that the field is within the scope of the authors’ skills and experience. Contact us to discuss any requirement that you may have.

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