Our Approach is Simple – we take responsibility for the success of your project based on our Core Values.

At home we all have basic values such as trust, respect, honesty, and good manners.  These are a way of being; it is the way we are with our family and friends. 

At work we believe in building relationships with our clients, employees, supply chain partners, and those that come into contact with our operations and work activities.

At work we have a way of being too. This is centred on four basic core values of Safety, Quality, Delivery and Value.  These along with our home values underpin the way that we carry out our business.



We are responsible for and committed to the safety, health and well being of all who may be affected by our operations and activities.

Our goals are that:

  • everybody goes home from work free from harm
  • our operations have an overall positive impact on the environment

We are committed and working towards certification of our Health and Safety Management Systems to BS OSHAS 18001:2007 and our Environmental Management Systems to  BS ISO 14001:2008; by August 2011.

We also know that we have an impact on the environment as a result of our activities and operations; we are working to reduce this impact. 
The impact that we cannot reduce, we offset through a programme of tree planting within the UK.


We believe the quality of the finished product starts with the quality of the mix.

Our goals are to:

  • provide a professional experience for clients
  • provide a finished product free from defects
  • meet or exceed the defined quality standards for the project

We will achieve our goals by providing management and operatives with the appropriate qualifications, skills and experience to manage and construct the projects with materials of the specified quality.

We are committed and currently developing working towards certification of our Quality Management Systems to BS 9001:2008 by August 2010.

Carbon Neutral

We are proud to say that our operations are Carbon Neutral.


Our motto is “We do what it says on the tin”.

Our goals are the delivery of projects:

  • safely
  • to a specified quality
  • on time
  • in budget

In our experience the scope of projects often changes.  We seek to integrate and accommodate any changes into our delivery of the project, whilst keeping the client informed and satisfied by achieving the projects objectives.


We bring a wealth of both business and construction experience and skills to our clients. This allows us to establish what goals are important to clients for a project.

We agree objectives that will add value and then work to meet or exceed those objectives.

Our goals are to:

  • have satisfied clients
  • have repeat business with our clients
  • be the choice for recommendation by our clients

We give the right job at the right price. Adding value does not mean adding cost. In our experience relationships, understanding, quality, flexibility and reliability all add value.

Gerry Pounder Associates Ltd is a company registered in England and Wales - Company No. 04676966
Registered Office Address: Unit 2 Skyways Commercial Campus • Amy Johnson Way • Blackpool • FY4 3RS