Some of the project management services we offer include:


  Project and Construction Management


Our employees have been delivering projects for clients for over 20 years; from the simplest scheme to the most complex projects. We have been involved with projects with values from tens of thousands of pounds to tens of millions of pounds. As part of the team we help create the solutions that maximise your returns and long term value.

The knowledge, skills and experience we have developed and gained over time allows us to bring a realistic and commercial approach to projects.

As the leader of a project team we take responsibility for advising on the overall project strategy, selecting designers and contractors, and managing them in the successful delivery of your project. This role requires an appraisal and understanding of the project risks, and then managing risks through elimination or mitigation strategies as a part of the project management role.  We then work with the team and manage the process from the initial planning stages, through to completion.

In managing the risk it is necessary to consider who can best control the risks and consequences, and who should accept any costs associated with the risk.

Our approach is to establish the clients objectives and then to help our clients to realise their goals. In addition to the function of Project Management we are able to provide a Construction Management function on your projects. On these schemes we would additionally undertake the actual management of the construction works and provide facilities to the scheme.

Our services may be tailored to your particular project requirements.

Contact us to discuss any further requirements you may have.


  Health and Safety - advice, audits and inspections



We are responsible for and committed to the safety, health and well being of all who may be affected by our operations and activities. 
With extensive site experience and with appropriate qualifications in Health and Safety (NEBOSH) we are able to review your projects, management, standards, methods and systems of work to consider their adequacy and compliance with Health and Safety legislation and regulations.

We undertake audits and inspections on live construction projects, often as part of a construction advisory or quality monitoring role and can provide formal reports and recommendations.

Health and Safety is the first of our Core Values and underpins all of the work that we do and that we expect others to do.
In addition to our own experience and training, we partner with an external health and safety advisor to supplement our own.Contact us to discuss any further requirements that you may have.

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